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Everything you need to know about Instagram and more

by admin - 39 minutes ago

Instagram is, by far, the most popular social network today along with Facebook. Even though these are completely different apps that almost don't have anything in common, people often speak of them in some correlation. Today, the two networks are more connected than they were ever before, for example, you can choose to share your Instagram post to your Facebook page or follow your Facebook friends on Instagram. Aside from that, Facebook recently added an update which now allows you to visit your Instagram profile aside from ordinary Facebook profile. Both apps are unique and exciting in their own way. However, people are more and more attracted to Instagram and with good reason. Instagram isn't just a simple photo-sharing app anymore, and it is a real masterpiece. Instagram is a social network that will make you lose countless hours browsing and sharing images and videos without even imagining it. You will always have something new to do and something new to see.

Communication on Instagram

Instagram is way more focused on photo and video-sharing experience than it is on communication and chats. However, it allows you to do both. Discussion on Instagram can happen three ways. First, there is liking, then commenting and in the end Direct Messaging. In case you don't know anything about Instagram we will explain the basics to you.


Liking is the most common form of communication on Instagram. You can use a heart to tell the people you're following you like their image, their video or their profile in general. Recent updates allowed us to like a picture two times, so if you really really like something you can do that. Instagram users will often return the likes as well. This way you can affect the number of likes you get for an image, which can be pretty useful sometimes, especially if you want to share and spread some powerful message.


Commenting pictures and overall Instagram content is a less common form of communication but not less important. Instagram users will often comment each other posts if they like it or have something to say else. In any case, comments are often reserved for the people you personally know or a person you're fond of. Posts that get the most comments are often the posts that trigger emotions in Instagram users such as happiness, anger, fear or sadness. You can also use this fact as a tip to improve your own Instagram page and boost your business if you're an owner of the business profile. Commenting also includes liking the comment with the help of a little heart under the message and replying with a simple tap on the 'reply' or using a sing @ in front of an Instagram user's name.

3. DM

Direct Messaging is an Instagram inbox, if you want to ask another Instagram user something privately or even try and get to know that person, you can contact them in DM. You can send pictures, videos or text messages, however, with the recent updates Instagram brought the opportunity to send disappearing videos and pictures, somewhat similar to Instagram stories but only for the people you choose. Disappearing videos and images will stay intact for 24 hours, after that neither you nor the person you sent it to, won't be able to see them. If you don't want to communicate with some user, you can block him/her, or if your profile is private, you can tap 'don't allow' button to hide that person completely. You can also make a group chat to communicate with your best friends on a daily basis. You can see the exact time of the sent messages, and you can even heart (like) any content your friends sent to you.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories were something entirely new, a revelation for Instagram users, even though it was presented a little while ago, people are already used to it. Making an Instagram story is pretty easy and interesting, all you have to do is take some pictures, import them to the Instagram Story editor, choose an effect, add a sticker or two and you're done. Instagram stories are basically disappearing photos and videos, they also last for 24 hours and then they disappear. You can track your Instagram profile popularity by posting Instagram stories on a regular basis. You can see how much Instagram users saw your video or image and you can see exactly who they are or visit their profiles. This way you know who follows you, who watches your videos and pictures and if you don't like that, you can make your profile private or block an individual user that bothers you.

The latest updates regarding Instagram stories are certainly the new stickers. Aside from the basic emojis we all have on our keyboards, Instagram brought you a few more opportunities. You can now add a location where the content was taken which also has a few versions, a colorful and a white one to embellish your every photo. You can also add a clock that shows the exact time of the photo shoot or a thermometer that shows the current temperature. Interesting and funny hats, glasses and monocles are also some of the stickers you can add to your original picture. There were also different types of hearts and chocolates for Valentine's day, fireworks and champagne glasses for New Year's Eve.

Interesting Analytics

Only analytics can prove the proportion of this social network's success, which is why we decided to inform you about the numbers concerning this app.

There are more than 400 million active Instagram users now, and at any time of the day, more than 30 billion of images have been shared from the first appearance of this app and more than 80 million pictures are uploaded daily. Instagram users in general, generate more than 3.5 billion likes per day. And maybe the most important fact of them all is that Facebook recently acquired Instagram for about $1 billion dollars, which is not much if you have its success and its growing popularity in mind.